Friendly Reminder when you fall out of posture.


Spline app is desktop app designed for a user to have a regular check on his/her neck. The frontend of this application has been designed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Three.Js and it’s backend is being managed by Electron.Js Usually, when we work on computer wo don’t give too much attention to our posture, but with the help of this application one can live track his/her posture. This app also has a feature to save your posture when you click on save button and after that it will take you to settings page where you can set time and percentage of slouching you are allowed to do. After applying those settings your app will be sent to background for ignoring any kind of disturbance and will be active after every time, you had set when you were in settings menu and give you a notification whether you are sitting at right posture or not considering your saved posture. Slouching will be a relaxation for you to slouch your neck to some extent.